Rumaila Plastic Factory is one of the leading factories in the plastic industry. It was established in April 1999 and was opened on 1st January 2000 with a personal effort. In the same year, funding was obtained from the Abu Dhabi Development Fund (ADFD). The partnership between the owner and the Abu Dhabi Development Fund was 50% for each party. In 2007, the partnership between the parties was terminated and the ownership ownership was 100% owned by the owner. Mr. Hareb Hamid Abdullah Al-Dhahiri.



Al Rumaila Plastic Factory is located in Al Ain City, United Arab Emirates. It manufactures plastic bags of various kinds in addition to the plastic coils which are derived from petrochemical materials using the latest types of machines and relying on skilled labor in the production processes as in recent years. Plastic and reinforcing tapes. In addition to the continuous development processes, the latest equipment and machinery are introduced to keep pace with the continuous technological development and meet the needs. Renewable market and the ability to compete locally and globally